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A Story of resilience and transformation

I Rajni Sirsam know to tell you that in my village chikhali Mukasa there is no awareness about physical hygiene in adolescent girls. In Menstruation Cycle, cloth was used instead of Sanitary pad. Varsha Ivnati Madam, the coordinator of the project Adolescent Empowerment Model, which is being run through World Vision India and SEID NGO, has been providing health services to the girls of our village from time to time. Gives information about hygiene and menstruation.

Varsha Didi explained to us from which age year menstruation starts. At the time of Mahavari Caution must be exercised. Use of sanitary napkin Pads by not using clothes at the time of menstruation. and should change two to three Pads in a day. Due to which physical hygiene remains.

I am also used cloth during the first menstrual period, but by the Varsha Evnati Madam, create a group of adolescent girls were formed and important information was given about sanitary napkin hygiene through different activities such as Film Show, wall painting, regular meetings and training. Since then, during the menstrual period the girls and women of the village started using sanitary napkin pads without using clothes.

In Adolescent Empowerment Model important information about Sexual Reproductive Health Child Sexual Exploitation, life skills education, public services, usage of sanitary pads etc has been given to adolescents.

It is a matter of great luck for us that information is provided to us by the World Vision India and SEID organization. In which our life has changed a lot in our village. In which I would like to say thanks to the world vision India who provide us with informative information from time to time.

Rajni Sirsam

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